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by Jennifer


Eyelash extensions may sound like an added maintenance to your everyday life, but in actuality you’ll find yourself wearing less and less makeup, saving you hours over time.  Lashes completely change your face making you look refreshed, put together and ready for the day.  I use mink extensions, and I am certified by Extreme Lash.


Add length to your lashes by applying a synthetic lash with diameter of 0.15 or 0.20 to one natural Lash. The Classic style is accomplished by applying ONE lash extensions to ONE natural lash.  If you have 80 natural lashes, With classic lashes I will only be able to apply 80 lash extensions.  This is why this style is not recommended for those with thin/few natural lashes.


The Russian Volume style is accomplished when multiple lash extensions (2-6 hairs) are hand made, on-the-spot into a fan then adhered to ONE natural lash. If you have 80 natural lashes, you can now have double, triple, or up to sextuple the amount of eyelash extensions. What makes this technique so amazing is that the Russian Volume lash extensions are EXTREMELY thin! Meaning the weight of this technique is often less than or equal to the weight of a Classic eyelash extension. This is why Russian Volume can be worn by anyone, including those with severely thin natural lashes.


2D = 2 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash
3D = 3 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash
4D = 4 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash
5D = 5 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash
6D = 6 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash
This is also why it is more of a financial investment for clients. This technique requires a specific certification, many months of practice, and very specific adhesives & lash types.
( $275-$450)


Extreme Volume- $350-$495

Approximately 300-600 lashes per eye. The Extreme Volume Set is customer designed to suit each client’s individual eye. SB Volume Lash Studio will give your lashes the fullest and thickest look by using the Russian Volume Lash technique. (3+ hours)

Volume- $250.00

Approximately 200-300 lashes per eye. The Volume Set is custom designed to give your lashes an extremely full look by using the clients own lash line using the Russian Volume technique. (2 hours)

Classic – $200.00

Approximately 100 lashes per eye. The classic set is custom designed to make your lash line appear thicker, darker and perfectly curled. You will have a natural look as the lashes are professionally placed onto your lash line. (1 1/2 hours)

Partial – $150.00

Approximately 50-60 lashes per eye. It will enhance your eye’s natural look by having lashes professionally placed on your lash line. No touch-ups. (60 minutes)

Cat- Eye – $99

Approximately 20-40 lashes per eye. You will have a cat-eye appearance which will enhance your eye’s natural look by having lashes professionally placed on the outer corners of your lashes. No touch-ups. (45 minutes)


To ensure your lash extensions are long lasting and stay looking beautiful; proper care and maintenance is required. Please follow these aftercare instructions for maximum results:
Keep eyes dry and avoid contact with water for the first 12-24 hours.
Clean your extensions and lash line several times a week.
Do not wear mascara.
Absolutely no oil-based products on or around your eyes. If you must use eye cream, blot excess after two minutes.
Do not crush your lashes into your pillow while sleeping. Sleep on your back or with your eyes resting off of the pillow.
Never use a manual eyelash curler. This can cause your extensions to break off or become misshaped.
Brush your lashes with a mascara wand to keep extensions in place, and to avoid tangling.
Eyelash extensions when applied by a professional will not ruin or make your natural lashes fall out. Every person gets a whole new set of natural lashes every 90 days. It’s a constant cycle. With proper after-care you’ll never have an issue.